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      【F1題庫】ACCA F1第九章模擬練習題(3)

      2020-01-10 13:58:33| 來源:安徽中公教育
      9.3 (a) Company W focuses on autonomy of its employees. Task achievement is seen as more important than working relationships. The company is impersonal and defends its business interests.

      Company X has a strict task structure with written rules and regulations which are adhered to by all employees. Dissent is not tolerated.

      Company Y has a focus on good working relationships between employees and seeks consensus on all business decisions.

      Company Z has a flat organisation structure and a high level of employee participation in decision-making.

      Hofstede classified four main dimensions of cultural differences as follows

      A Power distance

      B Uncertainty avoidance

      C Individualism

      D Masculinity

      For each company, select the dimension being displayed

      (i) Company W

      (ii) Company X

      (iii) Company Y

      (iv) Company Z

      (b) According to Schein there are three determinants of culture. The first of these is the observable level.

      (i) Patterns of greeting styles and business formalities are known as Which word correctly fills in the blank above?

      A Behaviour

      B Artefacts

      C Attitudes

      (ii) Concrete expressions such as design of office premises are known as Which word correctly fills in the blank above?

      A Behaviour

      B Artefacts

      C Attitudes

      答案: (a)

      (i) C

      (ii) B

      (iii) D

      (iv) A


      (i) C

      (ii) B



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